Burot Beach Calatagan Batangas Travel Itinerary and Tips

Burot Beach was known by the name Elizalde Beach (owned by Elizalde Family) until it was bought by SM and was opened for public until deemed appropriate by SM Corporation discretion. 

Burot Beach is home to Bakawan or Mangroves
Mangrove Nursery
Further away from the drop off of Burot beach, long lines or Aroma Tree barricade the beach shores

Initial Thought:

This beach would have been a gem if it weren't for the crap and trash tourist brought while staying at the beach shores. I know it's Summer time, and it means Beach time. Since it is really easy to go to, flocks of beach-goers, some 10 to 20 per group flood the shores of Burot beach for some R & R. Its not bad for some Rest and Relaxation, but remember to leave without any trace. 

I saw plastic bottles floating around far away from the shore when we were heading for the snorkelling site. Even at the beach shore, you would see plastic utensils, used tissues and cups along the sand. 

According to Mr. Renan Barco of Lost In PH, the presence of starfish in a beach means that the ecosystem surrounding it is dying. When I snorkelled there, I only saw 1 blue coral that stand out from the grey hue of the dead corals.

I justs hope proper policy and management would be implemented so that the biodiversity of the beach would be protected and preserved.

That Blue French Horn, este, Blue Container
Subject Blue Container having alone time with the Mangroves Sand and Beach
Mangrove x Aroma

Be Careful of Aroma spikes

Nurse the Young

Tipon Tipon

Sibol - Life of a Mangrove

To the Snorkelling site

Boat Cottages for Rent

Sand Bar

This is the Sand Bar - during the High Tide

Knee deep
Sand Bar during High Tide

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How much it will cost:


from Manila To Nasugbu/Lian route
San Agustin Bus or DLTB Bus  - 170-180 php per pax

from Lian

Option A: Jeep from Lian, Batangas to Calatagan Public Market - 30-35 pesos per pax
Option B: Tricycle from Lian to Calatagan Public Market - 150 pesos per 3 pax

from Public Market

Public Market to Burot Beach - 150 pesos per 3 pax

Other Fees

Day trip - 65 pesos per pax
Overnight - 130 pesos per pax

Tent Fee 

Have Own tent - 20 pesos
Tent Rental - 300 pesos per tent (good for 2-4 pax)

Nipa/Cottage Rental - 500-800 php

Boat Rent

Sandbar, Starfish Island, Coral garden - 100 per pax, 300 for 1-2 persons min

Bonfire setup - 200 php/wood bundle

Torch rental - 70 php

Total Estimated Budget

Excluding Food per pax for 2 person: 800 pesos; for 3 person, 500 pesos

How to get there

Map Route to Burot Beach
Here's the link - Burot Beach Route

Take a bus to Calatagan via Coastal Mall.Bus Terminal - Coastal Mall grand terminal
Fare - 180 pesos per pax
Travel Time - approximately 3 to 4 hours
First Trip - 4:00 AM. 

Note: Calatagan-bound buses are available daily. Ask the conductor to drop you off at Calatagan Market. 

Take a bus to Calatagan via San Agustin Bus or DLTB Bus.
Bus Terminal -San Agustin Bus /  DLTB Bus terminal. 
Fare - 180 pesos per pax
Travel Time - approximately 3 to 4 hours
First Trip - 4:00 AM. 

Note: Bus route of San Agustin and DLTB Bus (Nasugbu/Lian route) passes Tagaytay and straight to the Nasugbu Road. Asked to be dropped off at Lian market where jeepneys/buses/trikes take passengers to Calatagan Public market

Take a van to Calatagan.

Van Terminal -  Kabayan Hotel Taft Station
Fare - 180 pesos per pax. 
Travel Time - approximately 3 to 4 hours. 

First Trip - 3:30 AM 
Last trip - 7:00 PM

At Calatagan Markethail a tricycle for 150 pesos per 3 - 4 pax or 60 pesos per pax.


Lian market to Calatagan Market
    Jeepney/Tricycle ride will be around 45 minutes to an hour

Calatagan Market to Burot Beach
    Tricycle ride from  will be around 20-30 mins

Going Back

Last Bus trip back to Manila is at 4pm. 

You can just take a shuttle/van from Calatagan to Tagaytay
Ask your trike driver to take you to the van terminal. 
Then from Tagaytay to Manila. 


    just call or text : kuya Romy
    to guide you any time you want
    or tricycle ride to burot beach
    Php 150 each good for 1 to 3 person
    from public market to burot beach ,
    if you want to enjoy ?
    burot beach is the place to bee !
    Try it Believe it
    contact # : 09266452950

  2. We want to try. I will save this ideas.. tnx.

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