Surigao del Sur to Surigao del Norte Travel Itinerary: A Wanderlust Guide for the Bold and Tenacious

My return to Surigao had been a blast! Aside from having the ultimate E.U.T. (Eat.Unwind.Travel) moment, I had the chance to travel solo again. I've have constantly reminded myself to do more travels in Mindanao. Now, my journey in some parts CARAGA Region (Surigao del Sur and Surigao del Norte) have come to fruition and it was AMAZING!
Britania Group of Islands, Surigao del Sur

I have no words how to describe the 7 days of traveling all by myself in Surigao. If there is one word though its Euphoria. A sense of being aware of myself and the surrounding, responsive to any stimuli around me that it made me more susceptible to any "breaking-the-comfort-zone" adventure. 

Places to Visit: Surigao del Sur

Hinatuan's Crown Jewel: Enchanted River

Hinatuan Enchanted River Surigao del Sur
Hinatuan Enchanted River Surigao del Sur

City of Bislig's "Babalik-balikan" Tinuy-an Falls

Bislig's Little Niagra Falls, Tinuy-an Falls Surigao del Sur
Bislig's Little Niagra Falls, Tinuy-an Falls

San Agustin's best kept secret: Britania Group of Islands

Britania's Group of Islands view from above San Agustin, Surigao del Sur
Britania's Group of Islands view from above
San Agustin, Surigao del Sur

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A post shared by dalandandandan (@danventures) on

Places to Visit: Surigao del Norte

Siargao Island, 2018's Asia's Best Island and probably this years Best Island in the World (2019)

General Luna's Cloud 9 The Broadwalk

General Luna's Cloud 9 The Broadwalk
General Luna's Cloud 9 The Broadwalk

Surfing in Siargao, Jacking Horse, Cloud 9 and Malinao!

Malinao Skimboarding

General Luna's White Beach in Malinao

Malinao Beach in General Luna, Siargao Island
Malinao Beach in General Luna, Siargao Island

Pilar's Maasin River Adventure

Maasin River Spring Pool Siargao
Maasin River Spring Pool

Coconut Plantation of Pilar

Pilar Coconut Plantation Viewdeck
Pilar Coconut Plantation Viewdeck

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San Isidro's Perfect tubes

San Isidro's Perfect Tube!

Stoked! This guy is competing in a local competition in Pacifico

Magpupungko Rock Pools of San Isidro

The Ever Elusive Low Tide Rock Pools of Magpupungko San Isidro Siargao
The Ever Elusive Low Tide Rock Pools of Magpupungko

Pacifico Lighthouse

San Isidro Pacifico Lighthouse
San Isidro Pacifico Lighthouse

Burgos' Baybay Coves

Hidden Rock Pools in Burgos. High tide

Roaring Coves in Burgos

One of Burgos Numerous Coves

Chill Vibes

Baybay's Virgin Beach, Burgos

For Del Carmen's Sugba Lagoon, Siargao's Best, Island Hopping Experience; Naked, Daku, Guyam and Bucas Grande Islands, Please read my First Blog:  #SiargaOrNever

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Naked Island Siargao

My Travel Road Map

Manila - Butuan - Surigao del Sur - Siargao - Manila


DAY 1 Hinatuan-Bislig Wet and Wild Adventure of Surigao del Sur

Time Notes
3:15 AM Flight going to Butuan
5:30 AM Arrived at Bancasi Airport in Butuan City
5:45 AM In transit going to Hinatuan via Mangagoy.
Vans are outside Bancasi Airport.
350 pesos per head.
3 - 5 hours travel time
9:30 AM Hinatuan Terminal
Contact your preferred Accommodation to fetch you or you can
use your maps to navigate around
10:00 AM Check in. I checked in at Marky's Hostel.
10:30 AM First stop of the Habal tour is Tinuy-an Falls, Bislig
11:45 AM Arrived at Tinuy-an Falls
12:00 NN Lunch, picture, roam around
2:00 PM Going to Enchanted River
2:30 PM Arrived at Enchanted River Hinatuan
4:00 PM You can Island hop in Enchanted
Rock Island, Sibadan and Balesin
5:30 PM Going back to Marky's Hostel
6:20 PM Wash up and free time to roam around Hinatuan
Day 1 Notes & Tips:
  • Get the first flight going to Butuan in order to maximize this Itinerary.
  • Contact your Habal Habal operator beforehand arriving in Hinatuan
  • My contact is Kuya Jessie : 0910 644 3428 / 0926 838 7905
  • Accommodation is Marky's Hostel : 0905 387 9319
  • You customize your habal tour. You can opt to do Enchanted River with Island hopping then Tinuy An
  • 500 pesos for the Island Hopping in Enchanted, 50 pesos entrance fee
  • 1200 - 1500 Habal habal tour
  • 50 pesos entrance fee for Tinuy-an

DAY 2 Britania Surigao del Sur, hidden gem of Surigao

Time Notes
4:00 AM Departure from Hinatuan going to Britania (PHP 180-200)
6:30 AM Arrived at Britania intersection (Van/Bus Going to Tandag
6:40 AM Hail trike going to Joanne's Beach Front Resort
For Island hopping
7:00 AM Breakfast, chill at the kubo, and rent boat for the island hopping.
1200 - 1500 boat rental.
Since I'm alone, kuya offered 1200 for the rental
8:00 AM Start of Island Hopping
Hagonoy Island
Naked Island
Boslon Island
Hiyur-hiyuran Island
12:00 NN Lunch at Boslon Island
1:00 PM Back at Joanne's Beach Resort
Rest and Wash up
2:00 PM Ride Bus/Van going to Butuan City
6:00 PM Arrived at Butuan City
8:30 PM Head over to Butuan Integrated Bus Terminal
Ride Van/Bus going to Surigao City
11:00 PM If you take the van, it will only take 2 hours
Bus will likely take it 3 - 4 hours
Arriving at the terminal, you can opt to go to the port and wait
for the first boat voyage around 4 AM
Be there before that time as you need to purchase tickets
Day 2 Notes & Tips:
  • Be early and catch the first trip going to Tandag (Van or Bus). 100 pesos per head Fare
  • 1200 - 1500 boat rental fee
  • Contact Kuya Jovy of Joanne's Beach Resort beforehand to fetch you at the intersection
  • Kuya Jovy/Dodong contact number: 0949 8169104
  • Joanne's Beach Resort number: 0910 644 3428
  • Just in case you wanted to modify the Day 2 itinerary, you can leave at the latest 6:30 PM in Britannia going back to Butuan City and drop off at Ampayon or in the Integrated Bus terminal.
  • 180-200 bus fare from Britania to Ampayon via Butuan
  • 226 bus fare from Ampayon to Surigao City
  • 20 per head trike going to Surigao port 
  • 150 per head non aircon ferry fare
  • 250 per head air-con ferry fare going to Dapa port (Siargao)

DAY 3 Siargao dubbed as the Best Island in Asia 2018

Time Notes
3:00 AM Arrival at Surigao Port
4:15 AM Ferry ride going to Dapa Port in Siargao Island
You can choose to ride the RORO (cheaper but slower) or
ride Fast craft (faster but pricey)
4:15 AM for RORO Montenegro
5:00 AM for Fast Craft JP Lines
6:50 AM Arrived at Dapa Port
Hail tricycle going to your Accommodation. 150 - 250 fare.
8:00 AM Breakfast at your preferred kainan, but I always eat at the Karinderia
near the church. Cheap and you'll feel full!
9:00 AM Chill / Rent Motor and do the Land tour (DIY Style)
Kuya Mark Motor Rentals - 0945 3864 082 - 300 pesos per day rental
10:00 AM Maasin River in Barangay Maasin famous for the Coconut Dive spot
11:00 AM Head over to Magpupungko Rock Pools
12:00 NN Lunch and sight seeing or swimming at Magpupungko
1:30 PM Head to Pacifico chill and watch some surfers shred some waves
2:40 PM Just a little north of pacifico, expore the infinite coves and some other
rock pools only locals get to enjoy.
There are plenty of virgin coves in Baybay Beach in Burgos
4:00 PM Go back to Pacifico and make your way to the Light house for the sunset viewing.
One of the best spots on the island to see the sunset
6:00 PM Head back to General Luna or to your accommodation.
First night, I stayed at Viento del Mar (perfect as night life on Fridays are set
in this hotel). I stayed at the dormitory costing me 700-800 per night.

Day 3 Notes & Tips:
  • I suggest riding the fast craft (JP Lines) so you can get to Siargao and start your tour in haste.
  • Book your accommodation ahead before going to Siargao. Most of the accommodations there would be fully booked or hard to go to.
  • I suggest Patrick's on the Beach, Kermit and Point 303 Resort.
  • Contact the motor for rent while going to your accommodation so they could drop off the bikes. No ID needed as they will ask your accommodation for verification.
  • You can contact Kuya Bebot for any Tours you may need on the Island
  • Kuya Bebot, Siargao’s Best - 0930 974 9974 / 0906 459 5679 
On your Day 4 and 5, you can do the island hopping (Naked Island, Daku Island, Guyam Island, Sohoton) and the Sugba Lagoon - Magpupungko Tour again then surfing at Cloud 9 either early in the morning or before sunset.

You can read more of my 2017 Siargao adventure here : A journey to my sanity: How Siargao Island turned me Crazy

My return flight to Manila is via Siargao Airport (Cebu Pacific). Take note of the weight of your luggages as they are very strict with the limits. You might incur additional cost like me a whopping 1000 pesos for 15 KG additional baggage.

Returning to Surigao was definitely the highlight of my 2018 dubbed as  "#DanFinallyFoundSurigao Escapade". It was here that I've been the craziest in my life that I wanted to relive the experience again on my birthday (2018). There were plenty of moments that were new to me. New thrill, new adventure, mishaps, and wrong decisions in every turn. But to sum it all, Thank God I'm Alive!

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