#BabuyanTayo: Journey to the Virgin Islands of Indefinite Return

I thought it was an exaggeration that most of the people who went to one of the Islands in Babuyan, Calayan, was stranded for days. To see and experience it first hand was a big revelation. This underrated "The Virgin Islands of the North" is well guarded and kept that way by the seemingly treacherous journey going there. But don't be dismayed, she will reward you with her dangerous allure that keeps you wanting more! 

Nagudungan Lighthouse, Calayan Island

Jump off: Aparri to Calayan Island

Aparri to Calayan Island: 6 hours minimum

Fourteen to sixteen hours from away from Manila and another 5-7 hours boat ride from Aparri, Babuyan Group of Islands are a group of volcanic islands forming the northern extension of the Philippine Archipelago. Just north of Luzon Island and South of Batanes archipelago, Babuyan Islands boast scenic destinations reminiscent of Batanes. There are five principal islands of the archipelago are Babuyan Claro, Camiguin, Calayan, Dalupiri and Fuga.

Brutally battered by gigantic waves. Calayan to Camiguin Island 

Originally, we were set to visit three major islands, Babuyan Island, Calayan Island and Camiguin Island. Due to the unpredictable weather and ocean current, we only had the time to visit two islands excluding Babuyan Island furthest to the north of the archipelago of Babuyan.

Camiguin Island to Aparri

#Stranded means Sibang Cove day tour (for 4 days)

We arrived at Calayan Island first around 6 pm in the evening and opted to start the tour the next day. We came to Sibang Cove early in the morning to witness the sun rise. 

Caniwara Cove 

Dramatic cliffs of Nagudungan Hill can be seen closer from here

Sibang Cove

Middle and most popular cove. Great for swimming and the Iconic rock formations

Cababaan Cove 

A kilometer away or so from Sibang Cove is Cababaan Cove. It has the most pristine stretch of sand.

Nagudungan Hill and Lighthouse

Probably the most picturesque spot in Calayan. Overlooking the 3 coves, and the rock facade of the hill made it more grander.

Puraw Rock formation

You will see this white rock standing out even from Caniwara cove view point. Reminiscent of Kapurpurawan rock of Ilocos Norte, Puraw Rock is an hour or so walk from Sibang Cove. 

Bangaan Viewpoint

Offering a different view of the Calayan Island is Bangaan Hill. You can see the airport and a perfect spot for sun set viewing.

Bassit nga Kadaratan

An ideal spot for chilling, swimming and cliff diving. Very good for sun set chasing.

Calayan Airport

You wouldn't expect an airport in this isolated island. But here it is. Very rare there is traffic here.

Humpback Whale sightings

Brief but filled with awe stay at Camiguin Island

Pamoctan Island

A 30 min boat ride from Camiguin Island is Pamoctan Island: an island of contrast. Fresh water lake encapsulated by the island surrounded by the salty sea! 

Pamoctan Lake

Pamoctan White Beach

Pamoctan Lake

Within the Pamoctan Island is a lake. It's fresh water surrounded by the sea. How awesome is that? 

Pinon Island

Tips and how-tos

- I suggest flying via Tuguegarao then start your Calayan trip from there. The journey from Manila to Aparri was an exhausting endeavor. I wouldn't want to repeat.that.ever.again.
- Only smart, TnT cellular networks have data in Babuyan Group of Islands.
- Bring cash. although some accept gcash transactions, only smart have data coverage
- Expect to be stranded. keep an open mind on the things you can't control like the weather and ocean current
- Eat at Belle's Restaurant - they serve delicious affordable meals!
- Michaela's Panciteria - they serve Batil Patong if you are not in a rice meal mood
- You can opt to hire motor bikes for 1,500 a day
- A must try accommodation in Camiguin Island is Nomad's House!

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