Eatsploring in Baguio: Zushi Me Sushi Fushion and Ramen Restaurant

Bare with me please, as this will be my first (hopefully not the last) review of a restaurant. Thanks!

I'd like to start by saying this, I think I have found the top spot in my Best Sushi and Ramen Restaurant list. Introducing Zushi Me Sushi Fushion and Ramen Restaurant in Baguio City. To say the least that I am not a foodie nor a food critic, it's just my opinion, so don't take my word for it. Let me breakdown to you why I think that it might be the best.
Zushi Me Sushi Fushion and Ramen Restaurant
Zushi Me Sushi Fushion and Ramen Restaurant

Quaint Japanese-style interior

I was admiring how quaint the restaurant was. It set the mood to explore what this sushi and ramen bar can offer. 
Warm colors felt homy
Photos below taken from Zushi Me's Facebook account here
You get transported in Japan with this interior

Attention to details

Authentic Japanese sushi

Maybe I need a second opinion on this since I am no expert on Japanese cuisine, but their sushi and rolls were the best that I've tasted so far. I could go on and on on how they presented it beautifully. Kudos to their sushi chef, the platter was instagram worthy!

Photos below taken from Zushi Me's Facebook account here
Platting done absolutely great!

Mouth-watering ensemble of sushi rolls

Their ramen is perfect for Baguio's cold weather

Maybe the highlight of eatsploring in Zushi Me was their Ramen! As I am writing this, I am craving for their Ramen. It was heavenly, I tell you.Tantamen and Hell Ramen for the win!
Photo Credit to Zushi Me (Facebook account here)
photo credit to @vinvoyage

Photo credit to @albertowz

I was born and raised in Baguio, and in their 4 years in business there, this discovery was a big shocker to me. How could I have missed an oppurtunity to dine regularly here, especially during rainy season? The food was very affordable! 180 pesos for an authentic ramen? San ka pa!
Busolved! Ramen and Sushi Rolls (photo credit to @albertowz)

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Eatsploring in Baguio City
I have found my fave ramen house in my hometown. Babalik balikan talaga kita!

If you want to eatsplore in Baguio, Zushi Me Sushi Fushion is definitely a must!

ZushiMe Sushi Fushion and Ramen Restaurant is located in 108 Lower Ground Floor, La Azotea Building, Session Road, Baguio City.

Facebook Account:

P.S. Another branch might be opening soon summer of 2017 according to their Facebook page. Stay tuned for more info on their FB page.

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