#ProjectBiyahero Jomalig Mission: 3rd Travel and Outreach Mission of Team Pilipinas Wanderlust

I think I found something beyond my current calling which is travelling. That is Travel and Outreach Missions. Exactly the essence and mission of Team Pilipinas Wanderlust under the #ProjectBiyahero flagship is to reach out to communities around the travel destinations in the country and promote sustainable ecotourism and give joy at the same time to the kids and the like.

It was an eye opener for me when I joined the 3rd Travel and Outreach mission at Jomalig Island last April 7-9. The event of #ProjectBiyahero was spearheaded by 6 vibrant and passionate individuals, Founder Jace Bernal and his team Jaja Molina, Jeaf Labis, Jean Cabs, Mark Adrian Abiog and their ambassador @Davful a.k.a. Dave Patrick Sañez.
#TeamBiyahero Core Group
Left to Right: Jaja Molina, Jean Cabs, Jeaf Labis, Mark Adrian Abiog, Dave Patrick Sañez and Jace Bernal
We Travel. We Care.

Given that there were 4 times the size of volunteers vs the organisers, I think the Team #ProjectBiyahero did an amazing job juggling all the details of the travel and outreach mission. 

Arrival at Jomalig

What to expect joining a Travel and Outreach Mission:

1. You get to TRAVEL.
The team focuses on travel destinations around the Philippines and promote sustainable ecotourism to barangays and the parties involved in maintaining a local tourist site. Hence, you get to go where travellers tends to go. 

Real Port around 5 AM in the morning

Salibungot Beach, Jomalig

2. You get to give Joy to the Kids.
Nothing is more precious than to see kids smile with simple things that most people tend not to be thankful for. These kids are those who are less fortunate and needs educational materials. Simple coloring books, pencils, and toys are Gold in the eyes of these kids and you will have a humbling experience, a nice wake up call to be aware of the situation around us.
We got a dabber here in the island.
While waiting for the Drone to fly

Games and Story Telling Time with the Kids

Pang teleserye oh

The Team Project Biyahero

3. You get to be informed, and to inform the locals about Ecotourism.
This is where the Green Banner Talk of #ProjectBiyahero comes into play. After giving joys to the kids, It's the adults time to be oriented and be informed about the effects of Tourism in their place. Here, the team will start a conversation with the local units in charge of the place about the Pros and Cons of Tourism. How to be responsible agent of ecotourism and practice sustainable activities to protect the place from the bad effects of Tourism.

With the Barangay Captain of Talisoy, Jomalig, Jace Bernal shares his knowledge about sustainable Ecotourism

Awarding certificate of Appreciation to the Barangay Captian for entertaining Project Biyahero

Locals attend the said Green Banner Talk Movement to be fully informed and involved in the community development

As sign of participation and acknowledgement for preserving the environment, Locals and also the Team sign the tarpaulin to be posted infront of the docking area of Salibungot beach.

4. You get to experience Modern Day Bayanihan.

If you haven't been outside the comforts of your cellphone, scrolling endlessly and reacting to every post you see, then this might get you more likes in social media(joke lang po, maisingit lng, wala na na ako masabi eh). You are part of the volunteering team where you are divided on different task to achieve common goal: To give joy, and provide meaningful information to the communities you will visit. You get to re-pack goods and materials for 60 kids or more, you get to play with the kids with some Hep Hep Hoorays or listen to a story where kids are attentively participating and finally you get to meet the locals and give out relevant knowledge about Ecotourism.

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The future of this kid relies on the actions of the current generation

Barangay Captain Meriam Belda signing the Green Banner Movement

Toys and school supplies for the Kids

Story-telling time with kuya Martin

This Jomalig Travel and Mission of the team is on its 3rd installation with the past events held in Romblon and Negros island. On its 4th and 1st anniversary, #ProjectBiyahero will be back in Romblon with side trip at Cresta De Gallo.

I recalled Jace's story about their mission in Romblon where there were only four of them doing the Travel and Outreach Mission. It must have been their drive and passion to help that made #ProjectBiyahero a must-group-to-join for travellers. As there battle cry goes:


If you want to be a volunteer and joiner, visit the following touch points of #ProjectBiyahero



The Romblon Travel and Outreach Mission Event Page is here:

If you want to check out photos from the recent events, check these hashtags on Instagram and Facebook:


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