Bolinao is a municipality in the western tip of Pangasinan. It is an hour or so away from the home of the Hundred Islands, Alaminos City or 5 hours away (estimate) from Baguio City or almost 7 hours from Manila. 

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I would not have considered going here if not for the beach that is being compared to Ilocos Norte's Pagudpud white beach or the chance to cliff dive in this municipality's well known waterfall. 

Places to Visit: A must see!

Patar Beach

This is the main tourist attraction of Bolinao - the white sand beaches of Patar.
No doubt it's still in its pristine condition. Locals are trying to preserve it although cottages are slowly invading the shorelines of the beach.

This place is famous for its picturesque sunset!

Patar White Beach Bolinao Sunset
Patar White Beach Bolinao Sunset

Vertical Panorama #FromWhereIStand #PatarWhiteBeach

Although the white sand is not as fine and white as Pagudpud white beach, it is clean as it can be.

Patar Beach Shore
Patar Beach Shore

Along G Resorts Patar Bolinao
Along G Resorts shoreline Patar Bolinao

Early Morning Dip Patar Beach
Early Morning Dip

Within the Perfect Camping spot in Patar Beach
Within the Perfect Camping spot in Patar Beach

Bolinao Rock Formation

This is the mini version of the coral rock formation of Ilocos' Currimao and a mini dark version of the Kapurpurawan Rock formation of Ilocos Norte. Entrance fee is 50 pesos. You can stay at the cottages around the vicinity but you can just take pictures and head to your next destination.

Bolinao Rock Formation Pangasinan
Strong water surge at the Bolinao Rock Formation

Bolinao Rock Formation Pangasinan Panorama
Bolinao Rock Formation, Pangasinan - Panorama

Bolinao Pangasinan Rock Formation
That view!

Bolinao Pangasinan Coral Rock Formation
Clear Sea water

Bolinao Rock Formation - Vertical Panorama #FromWhereIStand

Coral Rocks, Bolinao

Mossy covered rocks at Bolinao Coral Rock Formations

Enchanted Cave

The best cave resort among the cave resorts in Bolinao (IMO).

You enter the reception area with a warm welcome from Moy Moy
Moy Moy of Enchanted Cave Bolinao Pangasinan
Moy Moy of Enchanted Cave Bolinao Pangasinan

The cottages are placed among coral rocks and sea shells plus hammocks within the tree areas. There are also outdoor pools around the cave. 

Cottages and Pools outside the Enchanted Cave
Cottages and Pools outside the Enchanted Cave

The 150 entrance fee includes the usage of the facilities like the cottages, restrooms and shower rooms. You can order food while you are enjoying a nice dip in the enchanted cave.

Entrance going down the Enchanted Cave

It was quite surprising for us to be able to swim in a fresh crystal clear water under a cave. Indeed this was a stand out!!! The water is more than 7 feet deep and you can see the stones below the cave floors very clearly.

Inside the Enchanted Cave Bolinao Pangasinan
Inside the Enchanted Cave
The cave was modified to have lights and air conditioners to ventilate it. Theres a life guard inside and some seats where you can place your bags. There are two main sections of the cave. One the larger circle which you see initially and the oblong section. There are ropes surrounding the cave pools and also you can rent life vest for 30 pesos in the receiving area of the facility.
Enchanted Cave Swimming Pool Bolinao
Enchanted Cave Swimming Pool

Effort to take #groufie inside Enchanted Cave

Bolinao Falls

"Kahit masukal ang gubat, bako bakong daanan aming sinuong, lahat yon ay balewala sa Ganda ng Bolinao Falls!!!"

Bolinao Falls, Pangasinan

That 1 hour trike ride from Bolinao town to the falls is nothing when you come face to face with the pools of awesomeness of Bolinao Falls number 2! There are a lot of falls along the way. Number 1 was destroyed due to a fallen tree in its area while the other one is not suitable for swimming.

There are plenty of cascades of mini-falls in this tempting turquoise-colored water!

Mini pools on top of the Bolinao Falls 2

Just hanging around the main Falls cascade.

Mini pools a top the Main Bolinao Falls 2

Mini-Falls on top of the Main Bolinao Falls 2

10 feet or so of Awesomeness Bolinao Falls 2
Cliff diving Bolinao Falls
Cliff Diving More Fun in Bolinao Waterfalls!

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  1. Beautiful photos! Cant wait to see it all!
    Dan, would you happen to know if they have an area to shower and change at Bolinao falls? We're planning to make it our last stop, so we need a proper shower before heading back to Manila.

  2. Hi Miss Jenny!

    Thank you! If I am not mistaken, there's a pay CR near the Falls. Cheers!


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