Bolinao Pangasinan Travel Guide & Itinerary

Bolinao is a municipality in the western tip of Pangasinan. It is located 5 hours away (estimate) from Baguio or almost 7 hours from manila. 

Itinerary (from Baguio)
Pines Garage Transport is in 110 Otek Street, Brgy. Rizal Monumnet, Baguio City. Landmark to find is the Good Taste Restaurant. 

10:30 AM - 12:00 PM : Baguio to Dagupan Via Pines Garage Transport (115 Pesos)
12:00 PM - 4:00   PM : Dagupan to Bolinao Town Proper (110 Pesos) 2 PM last trip
4:00   PM - 4:30   PM : Lunch in Bolinao Town. We ate at Bolinao2London resto
4:30   PM - 5:20   PM : Bolinao Town Proper to Patar Beach 
                                     (150-200 Pesos depending on your haggling skills) 
                                     If you came in the evening, 
                                     the trike rental can reach up to 350-400 pesos
5:20 PM : Sunset viewing
                Camping plus environmental fee 200 pesos

Patar Beach Bolinao Pangasinan
Patar Beach Bolinao Pangasinan - Sunset

Itinerary (from Manila)
You can ride 5 Star in Cubao via Bolinao or Victory Liner via Alaminos then transfer there via Van or via Mini Bus in the Terminal.

Next Day 
<Tour for Lighthouse Rock Formation Enchanted cave via Trike 150 pesos>

10:00 AM - 10:30 AM : You can't climb the lighthouse because it closed.
Cape of Bolinao Lighthouse
Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

10:30 AM - 11:00 AM : Rock Formation (50 pesos viewing fee)

Rock Formation Bolinao
Bolinao Rock Formation

11:00 AM- 12:30  PM : Enchanted cave (150 pesos with swimming - 100 viewing only)
                                     Alternative Wonderful cave (70 pesos)

Enchanted Cave Bolinao Pangasinan
Enchanted Cave Bolinao

12:30 PM - 2:00   PM : Lunch in Bolinao Town Proper. You need to walk to the main road                                          from the enchanted cave (5-7 mins walk) 
                                     Enchanted Cave to Bolinao Town (100 Pesos per trike)
2:00 PM - 3:00     PM : Bolinao town to Bolinao Falls 
                                     350-400 Pesos per trike depending on haggling skills. 
                                     (Back and Forth)
3:00 PM - 4:20     PM : Bolinao Falls 
                                     Swimming, cliff diving, eating, sight seeing
                                     15 pesos parking fee for trike plus 150 cottage use in Bolinao falls

Bolinao Falls Pangasinan
Bolinao Falls

4:20 PM - 5:20     PM : Back to Bolinao Town Proper 
5:30 PM - 7:00     PM : Bolinao to Alaminos (66 Pesos via Victory Liner Bolinao)
7:00 PM - 8:30     PM : Alaminos - Dagupan (65 Pesos via Pines Garage Van)
9:00 PM - 11:45   PM : Dagupan to Baguio (115 Pesos via Pines Garage Van)

1.  There's Only ONE ATM in Bolinao Town Proper. You got to bring enough money plus pocket money in case of emergency. It is usually offline weekends and you must go to Alaminos City for other ATMs.

2. Always haggle with the trike drivers. They always give you a higher price than the original price. Tell them your friend just came there last weekend and it was only 150 pesos from Bolinao Town Proper to Patar Beach. The rate given to us at first was 300-350, but we agreed to 200.

3. At Patar Beach, there are a lot of cottages to rent. There are also plenty of stores. You can rent or you can bring your Tent and camp in the beach. I think we were scammed by 2 locals into giving camping fee. I asked a local if we can camp anywhere without fee and they said its free. Ask the locals first before setting up camp as we did not. You can have bonfires in some places, but where we set up our camp, we were told its prohibited.

Camping at Patar Beach Bolinao Pangasian
Camping at Patar Beach Bolinao Pangasian

4. There is only one Trike terminal in Patar Beach. They will ask you if you want a Land tour for 1200 pesos for a single trike. It includes Lighthouse, Enchanted Cave, Rock Formation and Bolinao Falls. It's expensive so what we did was rent the Trike to go to Enchanted Cave for 150 pesos per trike. We asked the driver to drop us off in the Light house and Rock formation for quick Photo taking. This is much cheaper than the 1200 per trike rental.

5. From Enchanted Cave you can hire trike for 100 pesos going back to Bolinao Town Proper

6. You can buy "Binungey" a bamboo rice cake that you need to crack and pour a sweetened syrup. You can buy it in Bolinao Town Proper near the church or in Patar Beach from roaming sellers. The large ones is priced at 200 pesos for 3 bamboo shoots.

Binungey Bamboo Rice Cake
Binungey - Bamboo Rice Cake

7. Don't Leave Patar Beach without seeing the Unique Sunset! It's really a spectacle. 

Sunset in Patar Beach Bolinao Pangasinan
Sunset in Patar Beach Bolinao Pangasinan


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