First and foremost, I would like to thank Ms. LC and the whole EmRucks for inviting me to the Mt. Daguldol with Laiya Beach Trip (January 17-18,2015). EmRucks stands for Emerson Rucksacks, an outdoor activity club of the said company.


Mt. Daguldul Summit
Mt. Daguldul Summit

San Juan, Batangas
Major jump-off: Brgy. Hugom, San Juan, Batangas
LLA: 13°40.380N 121°19.160E, 672 MASL (+ 672 m)
Days required / Hours to summit: 1-2 days / 5 hours
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 3/9, Trail class 1-3

(source: Pinoy Mountaineer)

One of the stores at the Mt. Daguldul Trail
One of the stores at the Mt. Daguldul Trail guarded by Mr. Goat

Mt. Daguldul is one of the favourite hiking destination among mountain lovers. It's approximately 3 hours away from Metro Manila and very accessible with plenty of options for commuting. Ours was renting 3 Private Vans good for 37 PEOPLE! I got to highlight that 37 PEOPLE - the largest group that I have joined in for a hiking event!

All the preparations were done by each committee, lead by EmRucks officers. This was the most organized group hike I've been to. Imagine, managing all the costs, the itineraries, the people coming in the event was effortlessly been taken cared of (in my own perspective). You just show up, do your part and the rest was smooth sailing. I was really impressed and was not surprised why even despite the weather dampening the mood (YES, we pushed through with the event even if Tropical Storm #AMANGPH was threatening to pass by the Philippines during our hike), was a great success! Kudos to Ma'am Cheryl and the rest of the Emrucks group! Bilib ako sainyo!

Here is our IT for the Trip:

Mt. Daguldul Itinerary
Almost followed the IT except for the 3 AM wake up call

Documenting the Hike

  • 23 Strong Hikers consisting of Veteran to Beginner hikers opted to challenge the Mountain. 

Photo Credit to Ms. Apple

  • Every now and then downpour of rain with chances of strong winds
Di kita pero umaambon niyan
  • Plenty of Mud pools for your Feet and your buttocks! Ingat baka madulas ka!
Mud slides everywhere

Libreng putik Foot Spa!
Kala mo hindi, pero Madulas yan Promise!

  • Plenty of nature dwellers to encounter (some unexpected)
Hermit crab in Naambon Falls Trail
A large Hermit crab in Naambon Falls Trail - Yes not from the sea but from the forest!
Pride Rock - Goat Edition (They're the kings of the Forest apparently)
Bug's Life at Beach Trail heading to Mt. Daguldul
  • Parade of Lights

Buddy System hiking Mt. Daguldul
Buddy System

Buddy System hiking Mt. Daguldul
Buddy System hiking Mt. Daguldul
  • Motivational Signs
Push to the Mountain Top!
  • And another Motivation - drink up!
KwatroKantos - Fuel to keep you going!

There are plenty of things to look out for. So here are the things you can witness while journeying to Mt. Daguldul.


The summit is like a picnic ground made for hikers! You can roll off the hills with the green grass breaking your fall. Who would have thought, a perfect picnic ground is a top this mountain range!

Summit of Mt. Daguldul

Camping site a top Mt. Daguldul

Bagyong #AmangPH was upon us

This is a mini version of the Grass Lands of the Majestic Mt. Pulag. 

Mt. Pulag Camp 3 - Grasslands
Mt. Pulag Camp 3 - Grasslands


After hiking the steep slope of the mountain, you can easily take a dip at the nearby Laiya Beach! 

Laiya Beach is a long stretch of beach coves; each unique on its own.

Our camp site at the Laiya Beach

Stone every were at Laiya Beach Cove
Stones every were at Laiya Beach Cove

Laiya Beach San Juan Batangas
One of the Coves of Laiya Beach, San Juan Batangas

Laiya Beach San Juan Batangas
The stony side of Laiya Beach, San Juan Batangas
Panorama of Laiya Beach Cove
Panorama of Laiya Beach Cove

Beyond the borders of our current Beach Cove
The other side of our current Beach Cove


Among others, you can do a side trip at the Naambon Falls. 

Mini Pool below the Naambon Falls cascades

Obligatory Jump shot at Naambon Falls

Naambon Falls, Mt. Daguldul
Naambon Falls, Mt. Daguldul


Beyond some of the beach cove lies rock formations. Boulders of giant rocks gives you a better look of the Laiya shorelines.
Laiya Beach Rock Formations
Rocks and Rock Formations at Laiya Beach

Laiya Beach Rock Formations
Dare to take the plunge - Not for Cliff Diving though 

Jump shot of Ms. LC

Lovers in Laiya Beach, San Juan Batangas

May even give you some sea creatures for Lunch!

You can definitely enjoy Mt. Daguldul better if there are no weather disturbances during your hike. From the Summit itself, you can see the Seascape down below plus glimpse of the different mountain ranges at the horizon like Mt. Maculot. And you can enjoy eating and camping up there with the green grass cushioning your tent.

There's definitely a revenge climb for Mt. Daguldul for a later time where the Sun is Up and the wind is a bit welcoming!


  1. Not sure if I was able to subscribe to your blog. Like its layout. Good shots! :)

    1. Thank you miss Pat!!! I like your website too! will be subscribing to your blog to. thank you again! CHEERS :D

  2. Ser we're also planning to climb daguldol on 18-19 and camp on laiya beach 19-20. Tanong ko lang ser kung ano po marerecommend nyo na camp site/resort sa laiya beach and kung magkano po pitching ng tent. Salamat ng marami ser Dan! More power to your blog.

    1. Hi Ms Angelica,

      Depende sa dami nyo. Pero upon arriving sa Jumpoff for Daguldol, Dami bubungad na Resort/beach camping areas. Last time kami pumunta, parang 150 per tent ata ung pitching ng tent. Iba ba ung accommodation like house.

      Hope this helps!

      Maraming salamat din! :D Happy trails on your adventures!

  3. hi sir, ung 150 per tent na yun kasama n cottage dun? or need pa magbayad sa cottage tnx -gel


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