Bataan has now its own beach-to-go destination, Laki Beach. Before, you wouldn't associate Bataan with white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. Now, with the newly opened Laki Beach (November 2016), Bataan is another summer destination for that beach escape you wanted. 
Laki Beach Mariveles, Bataan
Laki Beach Mariveles, Bataan

Summer Vibes at Laki beach
Hold your horses though. There is one complication here. And a serious one, that made Laki Beach an Unlucky beach destination. Sure, it free staying there, you only need to pay 80 pesos for the environmental fee plus the boat ride which cost 2000 - 2500 for day tours and 3000 - 3500 for overnight. The beach is masked with controversies and political issues. I do not know the full detail, but according to the locals and here-says, a certain someone calls the shots around there. I, for one, experienced this during my stay in Laki Beach (April 14-15, 2017). Without warning or what so ever, all the tourist staying at the beach were instructed to vacate the beach premise before 4 in the afternoon. We were all caught unprepared. We had the summer vibe flowing and then someone buzz killed the fun. Thanks 'someone'! 

UPDATE As of January 2018
Laki Beach is Open. Updated rates are 250 per pax entrance (overnight) for Laki Beach, daytrip is 200. Boat rental is 350 per pax, with inclusion of 5 fingers cove tour and transpo to/from Laki beach.

UPDATE As of MAY 15, 2017
Laki Beach is now open only on Fridays to Sundays. The permit has not yet granted, but was allowed by a certain someone. According to Ate Melca, the free entrance to Laki Beach is now with a 400 per person fee. Tsk tsk tsk. On top of the 3000-3500 boat rental. MAHAL NAMAN ng 400 :(

Laki Beach Bataan
Almost an hour traveling via pump boat
Laki Beach Cove

Beach Front of Laki
The operators, especially Kuya Tikboy, were the first to take the blame for the commotion. The tours were under fire since the operators don't know anymore what to do; with the Laki Beach being off-limits all of the sudden. Personally, I was growing restless with the way the operators handled the situation. But I just sat there, basking under shade of the coconut trees, trying to maintain the summer chill. 

Laki Beach is a Gem! The cove of Laki beach is picturesque. Combination of stone formations and white sand beach front packs a punch in the beach activities for tourist. All were swarming all over the place under the blue sky with the sun fully exposed with no clouds in sight! It was a perfect day. 
Would have been the best camping spot in Laki Beach
Would have been the best camping spot in Laki Beach

Banana Bed + Sand + Sea = Summer Chill Pill

Crystal Clear water around Laki Beach Cove

You can spend around 3-4 hours covering all the nooks and crannies of the place. Explore the left and right sides of the cove which will give you a different view of the beach. And all of the view is topped with the glistening clear sea! You can definitely see the bottom of the sea even if its almost 15-20 feet deep. 
Laki Beach Cove Bataan
Laki Beach Cove

Bumi Biri Like ang Stone Formations

Selfie Spot in the Cove with the Laki Beach at the back

I had written a different take on Laki Beach, expounding on the negative experience I had. But I had a breather going back to Manila. I likened Laki Beach to a little kid. It has to grow with all the things happening. I am hopeful that the beach would be taken care of, and that the operators will have a standard process. Also, the ownership of the place must be dealt with sooner, now that Laki Beach is on the limelight which the social media gobbled rapidly. 
Summer Beach Destination that is Laki
Summer Beach Destination that is Laki

Definitely, when Laki Beach is well managed, it will create a different spark for Bataan. It has the potential to be like Zambales' Nagsasa Cove. Next time, I would like to camp in Laki Beach. Where I could see all her glory under the sky full of stars.
Laki Beach Cove resembling nagsasa Cove
Laki Beach Cove resembling nagsasa Cove

Happy Place at Laki Beach: Under the shade of the Coconuts

Sand all over and No F given that day at Laki beach

Getting that color everybody is having this season

I would like to thank Franz Dela Cruz for sharing her well written Itinerary here.  Take note, contact Ate Melca and Kuya Tikboy for your concerns. Ask them outright about the status of Laki Beach before going there. Laki Beach is coupled with cove to cove adventure in Nagbintana cove. I haven't tried the cove to cove adventure but will definitely try it when I come back. 

How to get to Laki Beach

  • Ride Bataan Transit / Genesis  Mariveles bound bus. Fare is 280 pesos. You can check Cubao, Pasay and Avenida for the bus station mentioned.
  • From Mariveles bus terminal, hail tricycle for 75 pesos to Barangay Balon. You can also check the jeepney bound for Balon for 8 pesos. It's convenient to ride the tricycle since it will not wait for other passengers.
  • Ask the driver to drop you off in Porto, near the basketball court.
Porto Barangay Balon, Mariveles Bataan
Porto Barangay Balon, Mariveles Bataan
  • All tour operators will surely be swarming around that place. They will ask you who is your contact so you can be directed accordingly.

Tips and Notes

  • Contact Kuya Tikboy and Ate Melca before you go there. Its a must. Ask them first if Laki Beach is open and no Attorney meddling with the beach. hahaha joke.
  • Contact Numbers of Kuya Tikboy and ate Melca: 09075946138 / 09971074378
  • There is no signal in Laki Beach, you instruct your tour operator when are you leaving and what do you want to do e.g. what time will you do the cove to cove adventure.
  • Depending on your group size, the boat size will also vary. At the least, a small boat can accommodate around 5-7 person.
  • Water in Laki beach is available but not potable. 
  • There are comfort rooms available.
  • Practice LNT. The cove will surely die fast if all your shit garbage stay there. Take it with you please. 
  • If by chance you will experience what I had, then you will end up staying in Lusong Cove. The Cove is privately owned so you will pay 100 pesos for the entrance. Almost 10% of the cove is only accessible by the public and the 90% is restricted area. There is a store and comfort rooms. The shore here is so so with clear waters. But the area is a mess. So much dirt around the store, pigs and domestic animals are roaming around. The camp site was an eye sore. They also allowed bonfires which I seriously was against. Here is the snap in Lusong cove. A not so good replacement camping site for Laki Beach.
Lusong Cove Beach Front: Restricted Area Side

River Flowing in Lusong Cove
River Flowing in Lusong Cove

When River meets the Sea at Lusong Cove

Day break at Lusong Cove
Bonfire is dangerous for the beach. Sure they look cool.


  1. Hi! When did that "commotion" happen? We are all set to go there today. :'(

    1. Hi Leilani,

      Just read your comment. It happened last Friday. So Saturday Laki Beach was closed to the public.. Im not sure what is the update there. Some have posted on Facebook that Laki Beach was closed. Do Contact Kuya Tikboy and Ate Melca for updates since locals sila dun.

      If you have more concerns, do contact me via my fb page. :)

    2. Hi Dan! Natext ko si Kuya Tikboy at operating pa sila pero ang taas na ng entrance fee nung nagtanong ako parang 250-350/each eh.pero overnight kasi yung sinabi ko.Hindi nga lang kami natuloy nung July 1-3.

    3. Wow thanks Jed sa Update. Same number ba ginamit mo? or may iba na. pashare naman dito salamat.
      250-350 is mejo ok na sa overnight kaysa ung initial na 400 un day tour lang un. haha anyway. salamat sa updates mo! hahah

  2. Hi Dan, we've been there April 13-14, just before you arrive. As what we've heard the owner of the Laki beach will be there that saturday, they advised the people if they can evacuate the area for the mean time.

    1. Hi Dada,

      Thank you for your feedback. As for us, totally no notice what so ever. Even un ibang operators aligaga. Parang nabigla. If sana they coordinated, di sana naging chaos ung nangyari dun sa Laki beach.

  3. We were also there that same date. The place is really beautiful and it sadden me to all those trashes and the bonfire ashes. I really hope they can resolve this issue ASAP. I am looking forward to go back there.

  4. Your posts are wonderful (:
    I'm also starting mine at

  5. bangkero ako sa laki beach :) if may tanong kayu about sa beach and rent sa bangka text or tawag lang kayo..


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