La Union has been known for it's waves and beaches perfect for surfing. But another attraction is currently making waves to adrenaline-junkies: trekking and cliff diving in Tangadan Falls, San Gabriel La Union.

Tangadan Falls, San Gabriel La Union
Tangadan Falls, San Gabriel La Union
Located near San Juan, La Union, the venue for the yearly Surf Break (usually 3rd week of October), Tangadan Falls has now been added as another stop for the brave and courageous few.

As for us (a.k.a Party Pipz, a group formed during our college years), was only headed towards a chill road trip to Halo Halo de Iloko in San Fernando. We were choosing between Tangadan Falls which is far up north from SFO or Tuddingan Falls in Naguilan which is on the way back  to our home, Baguio City. We choose the former, "kasi ayaw nila pabalik balik"

How to get there: 

  • From Manila - Bus or Private Vehicle Going to the following :
    • Laoag, Vigan, Candon, Abra . 
  • Get down to any of these places in La Union namely: 
    • San Fernando or San Juan. 
  • From San Juan, you can hail jeepney via San Fernando-San Gabriel route.
  • From downtown San Gabriel, La Union go to Bucao, Duplas
    • Hire a tricycle to bring you to Duplas which passes through Barangay Bucao.
    • Just tell the tricycle driver that you are going to the Drop-off point to Tangadan Falls at Barangay Duplas - upper (Duplas is a part of San Juan, La Union) near Dagup

Tangadan Falls is Located Somewhere in San Gabriel


If you are new to this kind of adventure, hire a guide. The trail going to the falls is quite tricky. It requires you to cross the river 3 or 4 times (I lost count :P). 

So ...

rule 1: GET Ready to Be WET! 

  • Tangadan Falls is part of the Baroro River which stretches across the La Union Province. Part of the trek is crossing the Baroro River along its river banks. Depending on the season, the water may rise up above your waist.
Baroro River Tangadan Falls, San Gabriel La Union
Baroro River Crossing

Baroro River Crossing 2

rule 2: Cliff Dive/Jump if you really know how to swim!
  • There are spots there perfect for cliff diving along the Baroro River. The river may be 20 to 30 feet deep so be careful and during the rainy season, the river current is strong. Don't get distraught thou, just float and follow the current until you reach somewhere near the river banks.
Cliff Diving Spot Tangadan Falls
Cliff Diving Spot

Cliff Diving Spot Tangadan Falls
View from the other side

Cliff Diving Spot Tangadan Falls Baroro River

Cliff Diving Spot Tangadan Falls Baroro River San Gabriel
Look Down Below!

Cliff Diving Spot Tangadan Falls Baroro River San Gabriel La Union
Here I come!

rule 3: Ready for a long trek ahead!
  • 1 hour at least of trekking the rocky and wet trail of Tangadan Falls. Bring atleast 1 liter of water and some sun block if you don't intend to get burn by the sun. Even though its a long trek, you will hardly notice it because of the spectacular scenery aroung the river. Towering trees coupled with huge boulders of rock are scattered the Baroro River. Not to mention crossing rice fields and some plantation fields for crops are added bonus for nature viewing.
Tangan Falls San Gabriel La Union Trail

Tangan Falls San Gabriel La Union Trail Rice Field
Rice Fields Over San Gabriel

Baroro River Banks San Gabriel La Union
Plates of Nature

Party Pipz in Tangadan Falls
Party Pipz in Tangadan Falls

rule 4: Go there during Ber-Months
  • I must say this, chasing waterfalls experience is best be done during which the flow of water is strong. This is true for Hulugan, Buruwisan, and now Tangadan Falls.
Tangadan Falls, La Union
Tangadan Falls, La Union

Baroro River Rapids San Gabriel La Union
Baroro River Rapids San Gabriel La Union

rule 5: Try the water theraphy thing
  • If you want free and all natural massage from nature, hire the bamboo raft costing to 20 pesos per person! Truly a must!
Tangan Falls Basin
Tangan Falls Basin

Tangan Falls Basin
Bamboo Raft

Guide: Kuya Dan 

Contact Number: 09956437922

Guide: kuya Raymond Macaraeg a.k.a. kuya Pedro

Contact Number: 09953992099

Usual Guide fee: 100 per head

You can call him for a must smoother experience as he has been tour guiding for more than 5 years now. He knows what he's saying. Like he warned and prohibited us to cliff jump the Tangadan Falls. ALWAYS follow the locals' advice. Wag Bida Bida! He will instead suggest alternative cliff diving/jumping site for your cravings to be satisfied.


  1. Man, thanks for this guide. Been planning to go there since December.

  2. Hello Dan, i based my travel to tangadan falls via your blog and called Mang Pedro who happens to be younger than me. Thanks for the valuable info :D

    Anyway, I have a concern regarding Mang Pedro the guide, he referred us to another guide, the other guide told us that whenever Mang Pedro refers the clients he gets through your blog Mang pedro gets 50% of everything. I was so sad when i heard that, kawawa naman di ba?
    because we were only two persons and we only agreed to pay 600 pesos prior.
    it meant that Pedro gets 300 and Kuya Dan our guide gets 300 only - after he literally saved our lives.

    During our trek back, heavy rain poured, rocks were falling from the mountains, there was a thunderstorm, the river rose and the current surged. we thought it was the end of our lives. people were rushing back hurriedly. at 3:30pm sobrang dilim na.

    Kuya Dan while carrying all our bags crossed the river back and forth to assist me and my friend back and forth to safety, even when he was already having cramps. he also voluntarily took pictures during our whole trek to the falls. ako na nga sumuko dahil ang dami niyang pics! hehe

    Our guide Kuya Dan is a
    "LicensedTour Guide

    I hope you can also promote him via your blog, this is his number 09956437922

    please? i owe my life to this one (he saved me sa river while he was having muscle cramps and water was above waist at very very strong surge of current. Thanks Dan (magkapangalan pala kayo)!

    1. Hi Tatiana!

      Wow thanks and your welcome! :)

      Regarding the referral, Di ko alam na ganun patakaran ni kuya Pedro. Nevertheless,
      I need to educate the readers siguro din plus si kuya Pedro not to be unfair.

      Sige I'll add si Kuya Dan sa list ng recommended guides.

      Maraming salamat!

    2. Hi and hello kung sa akin lang po ah mas gusto ku po si kuya pedro mas 100% tiwala po ako kasi laking sangabriel po sya at mas registered tourguide po sya

  3. Hi Dan,

    We are planning to visit Tangadan Falls next month, we are a motorcycle riders group. Just want to ask, is there a safe place or parking space for our motorcycles?


    1. Hi Steve,

      You can ask the houses near the jumpoff to park your bikes just give them tip for guarding it. :) if all else fail, leave it at the barangay hall :)

  4. hi Dan, We plan to go the falls in Dec, is this safe month? Can you get back and how much do you charge per head?
    This is Tuny from Laguna

  5. Pwede kahit sino parehas lang naman kami na tourguide

    Hi im joselito lopez accreted tourguide TANGADAN FALLs san gabriel la union

    Cp# 09261996010

  6. hi, makaktawid ba kahit hindi mag cliff dive?

    1. Yes. It's only one of the attraction. :) puede skip to and go to the main falls

  7. Hello. Pwede po overnight stay within the area like a camping site? Or if ever meron po ba matutulugan na place na malapit?


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