Brief History

Wawa Dam a.ka. Montalban Dam was constructed in 1909 to provide water to Manila. It is located between the towering 360 meters Wawa Gorge or Montalban Gorge. It was later on abandoned when Angat Dam was constructed on 1967.


9:30 am ETA Cubao farmers

Ride Van Going to Rodriguez Rizal, not Montalban

10:30 am ETA in Montalban Rizal

10:45 am ETA Ride Jeep going to Wawa

Welcoming Arc to Wawa

From here, you will need to walk to get to the Dam.

Plenty of stores along the way. Di ka magugutom

Path going to Wawa

Looks likeTinipak River

Pamitinan Cave in the Background

The walkway going to the dam

Bamboo house within the crevice of the mountain facade

Steel Bridge and Wawa Dam on the Background

Wawa Dam is a famous Destination for Bikers

Wawa Dam a.k.a Montalban Dam

Emerald Like Water

Montalban Gorge

Montalban Gorge

How much it cost me

  • 50 pesos Van going to Rodriguez
  • 8 pesos jeep to Wawa
  • 3 pesos for Bridge crossing
  • 8 pesos trike going back to Montalban
  • 50 pesos Van going back to Cubao

Guide and Tips

  • There is a ticketing booth for Hikers who want to traverse Mt. Pamitinan
  • You can also do some spelunking in the Pamitinan Cave

Pamitinan Cave Entrance

Cemented Entrance to Pamitinan Cave

  • Nipa huts and bamboo rafts cost ranges from 100 to 600 pesos

Nipa Huts below Wawa Dam

  • There's plenty of Avocado and Durian harvested around the area

  • Since its pretty easy to go to, expect a crowd not less than 500 during summer weekends. 
  • Wawa Dam is a go to place of bikers and the like to cool themselves. Usually, they arrive early in the morning then head back around lunch time, according to the locals.


  1. Hi hm po estimate lahat nagastos nyo including food?

  2. This is awesome. Do you need aguide to get here? I want to travel solo. Thanks for the reply

    1. If sa Wawa Dam lang. No need for guide. lakad lakad ka lng dun :)

  3. I'll try this for undas long weekend.
    Thank you for this blog!

  4. Informative! Thank you for this post!

  5. hi, planning to go there but i want to be there before sunrise. is there any hotels near by rizal to stop over the night? and how about the transpo like 5am in the morning going there?available ba?


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