Quick Trip Guide: Liwliwa, San Felipe, Zambales

Sitio Liwliwa: A budding Surf Town

Liwliwa San Felipe Zambales
Team Liwa
Quietly making a name of its own as a legit surfing spot within Mega Manila is Liwliwa located in San Felipe, Zambales. A 4 to 5 hours travel to this surf town will release you from all the tensions of city living. Its quiet, isolated and yes, spotty to no-signal for all mobile carriers. Maybe that's all we need, no virtual life being taken care of and connecting to the real world. #DisconnectToConnect

Spot the surfer chick

Chilling with those raging waves

You could definitely see the potential of Liwliwa. Billowing waves as high as two average person will send shivers to your spine, in a good and bad way. The regular influx of foreigners indicates that this new Surf Town is gaining interests from tourists and surfers alike.

Surft Town Liwliwa
Surft Town Liwliwa

Liwliwa Beach front

There are plenty of beach front accommodation along the stretch of grey sand shore of Liwliwa. My fave is The Circle Hostel. I stayed here two years ago, when Liwliwa was still unknown to the majority. On this recent trip though, we stayed at Surface Liwa Beach Resort.

Haribol, Liwliwa San Felipe Zambales
Surface Liwa Beach Resort, Liwliwa San Felipe Zambales

Surface Liwa Beach Resort has a swimming pool and nice hut accommodations around it. You can chill here after a day full of Surfing action. We stayed at their newly constructed Tree house. It was not fully done yet though. We had to sleep at the wooden floor with only thin sheets of foam. At 350 pesos per head plus access to the pool? Why not.

Tree house at Haribol
Tree house at Surface Liwa Beach Resort
There are only few options though in where to eat. One is Ate Fely's and the other is Mommy Phoebe. The later sells slippers and other swimming merchandise with silogs (80 per meal without drinks) while the former offer Silogs with coffee or soft drink combo (75 pesos). There are also short orders for both stores. Be sure to bring your patience (and plenty of it). Serving time of the food may take time due to many orders being done simultaneously.

If you plan to drink, buy enough booze plus a couple more since the stores will close around 12 MN. "Kapag na bitin ka pa," You can hire a trike and head over to 7 - 11 a few kilometers away in San Felipe town.

Thanks Team Liwa for that note worthy #IndependenceDayWeekend
We went there to have the chilliest weekend and we couldn't ask for more. It was raining hard but with their company, we pulled an all nighter (sorry, liver).

How to get there:

Via Victory Liner: Cubao/Pasay/Monumento – Iba – San Felipe
Alternate route: Cubao/Pasay/Monumento - Olongapo - San Felipe

Budget Breakdown (Projected)

325 per pax- Bus one way going to San Felipe from Metro Manila
30 per pax  - trike from San Felipe town to Liwliwa
75 per pax - San Felipe to Olongapo
255 per pax - Olongapo to Metro Manila

250 - 450 per pax - Room at The Circle hostel / Haribol
Bunk Bed - 450
Hammock - 350
Rent Tent - 350
Tent Pitching - 250

Surface Liwa Beach Resort Contact Number: 09175498264 
Surface Liwa Beach Resort Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SurfaceLiwa/

Excluding Food which cost around 75 - 100 per meal

The Circle Hostel Surfing Rentals
Surf board lessons - 200 per hour
Surf board rental - 200 per hour, 400 for 4 hours

Here's a peak at Liwliwa (credits to sir Christer Isulat)


  1. Could you please give contact details to the place you stayed in? Haribol? Thanks so much!

    1. I have updated the blog here is Haribol : 09175498264

  2. Any contact number of the person in Haribol? Or could we just go there as walk-in clients? Thanks so much! :)

    1. I have updated the blog here is Haribol : 09175498264
      And you can also do walk in, like we did.

  3. pwde mo makahingi ng contact # ng haribol

    1. I have updated the blog here is Haribol : 09175498264

  4. Hi. Thanks for this guide. Is Haribol a beachfront resort?

    1. Nope, they are a few meters in from the shore. but i think all of the resort here are not beach front and can be a few meter ayaw from the shore
      hope this helps

  5. Hi guys,

    Haribol is now called Surface Liwa Beach Resort:
    Here is their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SurfaceLiwa/


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