Mt. Milagros (Nagpatong) and Mt Masungki: It pays to be First!

Mt. Nagpatong Rock Formation, Barangay Cayumbay, Tanay Rizal

Mt Nagpatong was an elusive hike for me. Before even it blew up as Mt. Milagros (from the movie Love you to the Stars and Back), I have been wanting to climb it. Last year should have been it, but due to misunderstanding with the guide, we climbed Mt. Paliparan. 

We made sure this year we did it with my office hiking buddies. By hook or by crook, rain or shine, the hike must be done. So even though I am not 100% #DanStoppable, I have stomach aches all through out the hike plus having chills and headaches, It was one hell of a ride for me traversing this twin hike - Mt. Nagpatong and Mt. Masungki of Barangay Cuyambay, Tanay Rizal.

It Pays to be First!

Nagpatong Rock Formation, Barangay Cayumbay, Tanay Rizal
First at the top of the Rock Formation
Nagpatong Rock
If you want to have the best seats on the mountain tops, then arrive early at Barangay Cayumbay for registration. We departed around 1 AM at Shaw boulevard enroute to Cayumbay which only took 1hr of travel time. The earliest time you can hike is 3:30 AM and the earliest registration is 3AM. Remember to be the first on the doors of the Barangay hall. Delegate a member of the team to be on the look out for the gates to open. 

With that privilege you get to see the sun rise without any groups crowding the Nagpatong Rock formation. You get to have almost all the time you need to get that perfect shot. And of course, no waiting time. The number of people hiking Mt. Nagpatong Rock Formation can shoot up to 800 people in a day! And only around less than 20 groups are accommodated. 

Mt. Masungki Summit
Mt. Masungki Summit

For unlucky groups, you can opt to hike Mt. Masungki and side trip Tungtong Falls. But for the lucky ones like us, you get to twin hike both Mt. Nagpatong and Masungki.

Here is our Itinerary:

01:00 to 03:00 - Enroute to Barangay Cayumbay, Tanay Rizal (1hour if private car)

03:00 to 03:30 - Briefing, Registration and going to jump off Sitio Tablon

03:30 to 04:00 - Start trek to Summit

04:00 to 05:00 - Waiting for go signal to hike the Summit

05:00 to 06:00 - Nagpatong Rock Formation with Sun Rise 

06:00 to 08:00 - Trek to Mt. Masungki

08:30 to 10:00 - Breakfast, Socials at Mt. Masungki, Photo ops

10:00 to 11:30 - Go back to jump off at Sitio tablon

11:30 - onwards - Lunch, sidetrip to Tungtong falls or Head back to Manila

While waiting to climb the Nagpatong Rock, you can opt to shoot the stars above!

30s Night Mode at the Jump Off

Expected Expenses
  • 40 pesos (20 x 2) - Santolan vv Cogeo 
  • 96 pesos (48 x 2) - Cogeo vv Cuyambay 
  • 25 pesos (good for 2 pax) - Habal-habal fare Sampaloc Hiway to Baranggay Hall 
  • 30 pesos (good for 2 pax) - Habal-habal fare Baranggay Hall to Sampaloc Hiway (good for 2 pax) 
  • 70 pesos (35 x 2) - Angono vv Tanay Town ProperTanay 
  • 56 pesos (27 x 2) - Town Proper vv Sampaloc Junction
  • 150 pesos (good for 2 pax) - Habal-habal from Sampaloc Junction to Cuyambay Baranggay Hall 
  • 100 pesos - Registration + Environmental Fee 
  • 750 pesos - Tour guide (Mandatory) 5 pax for dayhike


  1. Hi po, pwede po bang mag tanong kung paano makapag inquire kung meron man na stay near mt. Marilag. I'm a 4th yr pre med student and gusto ko lang po sana "mapag-isa" ung tipong mag release lang ako ng stress. At mt. Marilag po ang napili long place para ma-enjoy ko ang sarili ko at nature. It would be very helpful if you were to reply to me. Thank you po.

    1. Hi there 4th year pre med student! Kudos for reaching the point in your academic years! Enjoy it!,

      as for mapag isa sa Mt. Marilag, wala akong contact eh, the only way to find out is to really head to Barangay Cayumbay and ask the people in charge in the Barangay Hall since walang signal dun. They are very accommodating namn and can give you information that you need.

  2. Hi po, im from cebu and i badly want to go hike there too! Do u know what to ride and how many hours it will take from naia to tanay rizal? Thanks and i hope ull get back soon

    1. Hi there. If from NAIA you still need to get to Cubao in order to go to Tanay and follow the Itinerary. As for how many hours from airport to cubao, give 2-3hrs during rush hours. then cubao to tanay 3-4hrs. Hope this helps

  3. Hiiii may bayad po ba ang pag akyat sa my milagros?? at gano po ba sya kalayo sa batangas??? Pag dating po ba namin ng batangas saan po kami sasakay papuntang Mt milagros??


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