Igorot Stone Kingdom: Baguio City's Newly opened attraction for 2021

Igorot Stone Kingdom located in Tam-awan Village Pinsao Proper is fast becoming the newest tourist spot in the city of Pines. Just recently opened to the public this mid 2021, there are still more sections that are under construction (as of July 2021).

This new tourist attraction features a glimpe of history of the Igorot communities living in the Highlands: modernization and civilization.

The stone-laying technique is the main focal point of the park. It shows the ingenuity of the Igorots in building there communities throughout the ages.

Brief history how it came to be
A white carabao appeared before AMA Bogawan a.k.a Pio Velasco on the site last March 1, 2020 that led to the construction of the stone kingdom. It was a vision he kept seeing during his childhood in Mountain Province; stone castles and towering walls.

Going there
The Igorot Stone Kingdom is open from 6AM to 6PM. With 100 pesos entrance fee for adults and 80 for kids. Toddlers are free entry.
From the City Central Business district, you can ride the Jeepney going to Tam-awan located in Otek St. Or you can hail a taxi and instruct the driver to get you to Tam-awan Village Igorot Stone Kingdom. The fare is will cost you 70-120 pesos depending where you rode the taxi in the Town Proper.


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