If you are looking for some thrilling-caving adventure near Metro Manila, the closest and practically the most challenging cave based on my experience is Pamitinan Cave. This is close to Wawa Dam and you can do the Twin Hike after to Mt. Pamitinan and Mt. Binacayan

This 1 kilometer long cave is a mixture of dry and wet sections. Expect tight crevices to go to and sharp rocks to traverse. It will definitely require you to make use of your 4 limbs to practically climb a 90 degree angle slope to get to the next sections of the cave.

This is the small opening where you need to push yourself up

  •  You need to craw into these small holes just to get to the other side.

Only One at A time

  • According to our guide, this was the place where our great Andres Bonifacio declared Philippine independence on April 12 1985.

  • Pamitinan Cave was formerly known as Cave of Bernardo Carpio, a figure in Philippine mythology who was rebuked by the gods because of his insolence. Legend states that he was chained forever in the Montalban gorge, cursed to keep two mountains from colliding with each other.

  • The cave was not entirely level grounded but ascending. The technical and most challenging part on its end part. 

  •  The helmet really helped us a lot because we've been head butting the rocks one after another.

  • The minerals, stalagmites and stalactites within the cave are pretty much dead since during the Japanese invasion in our country, this cave was used as a camp where they hold meetings and store supplies. 

The end of our caving experience is the "Bulwagan" where you could see the towering 30 feet high limestone. 

inside the Bulwagan

  • FX Cubao to Montalban : 50.00 pesos
  • Tricycle Montalban (Eastwood) to Wawa Dam : 10.00 pesos or Jeepney : 8.00 pesos
  • Helmet Rental : 50.00 pesos
  • Environmental Fee: 5 pesos
  • Guide Fee : (No minimum guide fee)
  • Jeepney Wawa Dam to Montalban (Eastwood) : 8.00 pesos or Tricycle : 10.00 pesos
  • FX Montalban to Cubao : 50.00 pesos


  1. Were the rocks on the cave slippery? Sounds like a challenge. :)

    1. Oo Ms. Patricia. Pero some parts naman hindi. Challenging nga kasi di siya monotonous na lakad. meron tlgang aakyat ka sa butas hahah.

  2. Magkano pong binayad ninyo sa guide? Ilang pax kyo. Salamat c",)


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