Binukbok View Point Resort, Bauan Batangas: Get your flippers ready!

Bauan Marine Sanctuary
Binukbok View Point Resort, Bauan Batangas

Located in Bauan Batangas, Binukbok View Point Resort is fast becoming a go to dive and camp adventure around Mega Manila. It's cheap, relaxing, and most of all a very busy underwater seascape in its beach front. On a great day, you can even spot turtles swimming in this marine sanctuary. 

Be free like a turtle. Be gentle like a turtle. Sea turtles are among the prehistoric animals who still roam our planet today, but due to human ignorance and greed, they are now at a tipping point on their population. Let these creature roam the oceans freely like how they should be, protected and loved. Did you know that sea turtles return to the area where they are hatched to lay eggs?! Yes! They use the magnetic energy of the earth and light to guide them on their way. That is why beach conversion (into beach resorts, commercial spaces, and etc) is a major threat to their survival. Found this juvenile green sea turtle swimming peacefully in the safe waters of Binukbok View Point - an established marine sanctuary in the town of Bauan in Batangas. #ForumSession_2017June3ByDonnaCruzAgain #ForumSession #FS_WalaKaNgMagagawaKundiJune3ito
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Reasons I will keep coming back

Binukbok View Point Resort Bauan, Batangas
Binukbok View Point Resort Bauan, Batangas
Easy to go to. Ride any bus going to Lemery, from Lemery Xentro Mall, hail trike ask them to drop you off to Barangay Balite, San Luis and mention Binukbok Parking. If you are going there with your own vehicle, Binukbok View Point have parking lots available in the jump off going to the cove. 

Unlimited snorkeling and diving. Yes! You read it right. You can dive all day long. no restrictions. Unlike other resort you have been to, they offer hourly rates for diving and snorkeling activities. I think that's the selling point of Binukbok among others: Unli Diving and Snorkeling.

Binukbok Seascapes and Marine Sanctuary
Binukbok Seascapes and Marine Sanctuary

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Welcome drinks. That says a lot on customer satisfaction

Unlimited Kapeng Barako. You are in Batangas, might as well enjoy a cup of Baraco coffee while diving here and there. It keeps you going!

Pebble beach front. This is a pro and con of Binukbok, pro because no sand in your undies and con because its slippery when covered with algae. Fret not, the pebble beach front only stretches a couple of feet from the shore, beyond that are live corals waiting to be explored!

Pebble shore of Binukbok

Low tide scenery in Binukbok. During high tide, this bridge will likely be submerged under water
The Sunset! See the photos below. No explanation needed.

Photo by VinVoyage

Kuya Manny Garces. I have heard so much praise from my fellow travel buddies and also from online blogs about him. Kuya Manny is the Co General Manager of Binukbok View Point Resort. All accommodations in Binukbok are all connected to him. You could say, he is the "Binukbok Guy".

Beach front of Binukbok View Point

 Banlawan pool ahaha just coined this term haha

How to get there: (Guide from @theroamingrebel)

  • Php 178 Bus to Lemery Batangas from DLTB Buendia Ave.
  • Get off at Xentro Mall in Lemery. If you already have food supplies with you, you can hire a tricycle, Php 150-250 good for 4 pax one way and tell the driver to take you to Brgy. Balite, San Luis.
  • If you don't have food, hire a tricycle to go to the market, Php 80 for 4 pax, and tell the driver to take you off to Bagong Palengke.
  • At the market, there are jeepneys plying to Brgy. Balite, San Luis with a signboard Binukbok Parking, Php 12 per person however it will wait until the jeepney gets full before it leaves. Or if you're in a hurry there are also tricycles you can hire at the market near the jeepney terminal Php 120 for 3-4 pax one way, and tell the driver to take you to Binukbok Parking.
  • Once you reach Binukbok parking, Kuya Manny's boatmen will be there to meet you to take you to Binukbok Viewpoint Resort. 
  • Snorkeling at Marine Sanctuary Overnight fee: Php 1000 (minimum of 2 pax to avail the Php 1000 each) Inclusion: round trip boat transfer, tent with mattress, pillow accommmodation, wifi, unlimited brewed coffee, welcome ice tea drinks, and WANTOSAWA snorkeling/swimming/freediving!

Binukbok Parking
Binukbok Parking

Pay Parking Price
Contact Kuya Manny Garces for faster transaction. He will assist you. Here are the contact points of Kuya Manny.
Phone Numbers:  +63 919 833 2078, +63 917 V-NUK-BOK(8685265)
Email Address:,

Sample Rates in Binukbok View Point Resort

1,000 pesos per pax: Overnight - Inclusions 2 days 1 night tent with mattress, pillow accommodation, wifi, Round trip boat transfer, unlimited snorkeling at the resort (+150/day mask and snorkel rental), environmental fee, unlimited coffee, purified water, unlimited fish food (old bread) and 
free use of kitchen, cooking wares and utensils.

On top of 1k per pax, 
  • add 1K fan room w/o private comfort room (Good for 3 pax)
  • add 1.5K Fan room w/ private comfort room (Good for 6 pax) 
  • add 2K Aircon room w/ private comfort room (Good for 6 pax)

880 pesos per pax: Day tour - Inclusion of Round trip boat transfer, Table cottage, unlimited snorkeling, mask and snorkel with life vest, environmental fee, unlimited coffee, unlimited fish food (old bread) and free use of kitchen, cooking wares and utensils.

For more in depth detail, click this link:


  • If you want to maximize your stay in that side of Batangas, head over Basilica of Saint Martin of Tours, the largest cathedral in Asia. Either you go there before you go to Binukbok or after you check out.
  • Here's another tip, Plan your trip to Binukbok on the day of Basaan and Parada ng Lechon in Balayan, Batangas. We did that and it was freaking amazing! You can read all about the Basaan 2017 and Parada ng Lechon here: Head early to Balayan for the festivities, after lunch, go to Lemery Xentro Mall then go to Binukbok Parking.
  • Don't over drink. You will regret it, you will not enjoy the all day unlimited diving snorkeling activities. You will spend half of the day remembering the blurry details of the night past. Don't worry though, a single free dive will fix it. Promise! It cured mine (monetarily) It must have been the seascapes below that made my hangover subside for a minute. Also bring your own Snorkeling gears and fins to reduce travel budget. Bring also first aid kits in case you have cuts from the sharp stones in the beach front. I had plenty of scars care of the stones and corals exposed at the shore.  
  • Bring with you friends from all walks of life. A foreman, rice expert, kyowa technician, biologist, aero mechanic, accountant, a teacher, a radio DJ, a sinigang expert and I think we had some diving masters on the other table. They will tell you jokes that are out of this world. or maybe not. Just don't drink vodka. It will make you regret things. Like drinking it without reservation even though you had past experiences in drinking it. Won't try the "3rd times the charm" B.S. cliche. 
Nabukbok sa Binukbok.
Grabe yung Beautify filter mo @goHarrold #huawei

Here's my summary video of what transpired that faithful day. 

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