Mt. Ayngat Day Hike Guide with Asmican Falls - Tanay Rizal

A summit where you can experience an "EDSA-like-traffic": Mt. Ayngat. Kidding aside, this mountain good for beginners is open to public along side with it's popular siblings, Maynoba and Cayabu circa 2016. 

Mt. Ayngat Tanay Rizal

These summits boast high probability of 'Sea of Clouds' which everyone is clamoring for these days. With that in mind, the easy 1-2 hours hike, spacious summit with a tear drop bamboo-structure, many have set their eyes on Mt. Ayngat for that Instagrammable picture.

While waiting for the sun rise, you can do Night Shots where the stars are shining shimmering. haha

It  pays to be the first on the Summit of Mt. Ayngat

To be first on the summit you need to:

1. Arrive at the Barangay Cayabu around 2-3AM. You can choose to Package 3 or 4, but I suggest to skip the 8 waterfalls experience (Package 4) if its summer time as there will be no water on these falls.

2. Be prepared for continuous ascend all throughout the trail going to the summit. Do some cardio beforehand. 

3. DO NOT STOP hahah just kidding. If there are groups ahead, try to advance. This will save you time waiting at the summit since there will be minimum of 15 groups on the summit ranging from 5 pax to as many as 60 pax per group! Good thing there are timers at the summit's tear drop to notify the people to hasten their photo op. 25 seconds per person. The start time for the groups to be entertained on the bamboo-structure is around 6:00 AM - 6:30 AM. It varies though on the sun rise and the visibility of the sea of clouds.

Mt. Ayngat Tear drop Bamboo Structure.
Where Long Queue can be observed behind the camera.
Asmican Falls Tanay Rizal
Asmican Falls
No Sea Of Clouds, But Heaven opened up for this spectacular view.

Here is the Mt. Ayngat Itinerary we followed.

Time Notes Expense
12:00 AM Meet up at Cubao. Ride at Aurora Boulevard for Jeeps going to Cogeo Public Market 26 pesos
1:00 AM Arrive at Cogeo Gate II/Public Market. The first trip going to Cayabu is around 3-4AM
But you can choose to ride tricycle going to San Andres

P45-P50 per pax JeepP200 per pax for tricycle
2:30 AM Arrive at San Andres. Ride another tricycle going to Barangay Cayabu. P200 per tricycle. 3-4 person per trike
3:00 AM Barangay Cayabu Jump off. Registration. Get Guide P100 Registration fee
P500 per guide for 5 person
3:30 AM Start trek. Package 3. Mt. Ayngat with Asmican Falls
4:40 AM Arrive at the summit wait for the sun rise
7:00 AM Head down going to Asmican Falls
8:30 AM Back at Barangay Cayabu Jump off. Wash up P20 pesos for taking a bath
9:00 AM Ride tricycle going to the highway to ride jeepney going back to Cogeo
Take note, Jeepneys passing by maybe full but you can opt to sit on the middle
or Top Load
P200 per trike Cayabu to Highway
P44 Jeepney San Andres to Cogeo
11:00 AM Arrive at Cogeo. Lunch time. Or you can ride jeepneys going back to Cubao P26 pesos Cogeo to Cubao

NMI Akyat Team. No Tulog.
Summit of Mt. Ayngat on EDSA Revolution Day
Summit of Mt. Ayngat on EDSA Revolution Day

Mt. Ayngat Summit

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