Underneath the Sea of Clouds at Rangyas Peak Mt. Batolusong, San Andres Tanay Rizal
Underneath the Sea of Clouds at Rangyas Peak
Mt. Batolusong, San Andres
Tanay Rizal
Rangyas Peak viewed from the first summit of Mt. Batolusong
Rangyas Peak viewed from the first summit of Mt. Batolusong

Note: This is not a travel guide, but if you insist, you can head over to pinoymountaineer.com and justinvawter.com for in depth travel itineraries to and from Batolusong. 

Drawing a plan

You got to start from somewhere, and it had to be over buckets of beer and a drunk open state of mind on a Tuesday night. My office mates, including one of our office heads, have planned to hike somewhere on the last week of January (28-29). Next day, Eka and Paul approached me regarding what have been conspired over that faithfully booze night. So, I suggested Mt. Batolusong. At first it was an overnight trip, but later on, turned into a day hike trip (ehem, Eka, dinasal dasal mo to).

Coloring the Plan

Fast track to Friday night, there was no concrete plan. Only hearsay and mumbles. Meet around 3 AM at our office then drive our way to Barangay San Andres, Tanay Rizal. That's it. No more budget planning, itineraries of some sort, basta hike tayo sa sabado kind of thing. We left Quezon City around quarter to 4 in the morning. There were 5 of us. Originally, we were 4 in the Viber group but we managed to recruit one more just in time. Sir D, instantly accepted the invitation of Sir Ey and with only 15 mins of prep, he arrived at our meeting place. Open-minded!

What came next

Driving for almost 1 and 30 mins with no traffic along Miralque highway, we arrived at the welcome gate of San Andres.

San Andres Welcoming Arch Tanay Rizal
San Andres Welcoming Arch
Tanay Rizal
Due to the condition of the road, we opt to park the car on the highway then rented a trike (120 per trike) going to the barangay hall of San Andres for registration (40 pesos per pax) and hired a guide (500 per 5 pax)

Hiking Notes

The trail greeted us with a wet hello. I have anticipated this, yet I still wore my fave shoes. (haha sorry reebok!)

First Assault, Wet and Muddy trail
Sir D, along the first 40 mins of the trail, was opting to turn back, since he was experiencing altitude sickness. As we go further up, he would feel nauseous and light headed. We asked kuya Antonio Dela Cruz (our guide) to assist him and care for him at the nearest rest stop. We were transferred to another guide. Kuya Jobert, our proxy guide, felt we were itching to advance to the next rest stop since his current group was struggling to continue to push forward. So he advice us to get ahead and wait for him at the first attraction of Mt. Batolusong trail hike, Mahiyaing bato.

Mahiyaing Bato, Mt Batolusong
Mahiyaing Bato

Not us though haha

Mahiyaing Bato, Mount Batolusong Tanay Rizal
This is us at the top of Mahiyaing Bato
While we were posing here and there at Mahiyaing Bato, Sir D came up like he's rejuvenated and urged to push forward! He exclaimed, "Motivation! Fvck!" It was an awesome sight to see, despite his personal predicaments, he managed to push his limit and go beyond his physical condition.

The return and comeback of Sir D!
Few more minutes from Mahiyaing Bato was the Mapatag Plateau, to which you can see vast grasslands. This is a scenic vantage point. You can see where you came from and where you would go - First Summit and Rangyas Peak of Mount Batolusong.

Mapatag Plateau is your scenic rest stop in Mount Batolusong hike
Mapatag Plateau is your scenic rest stop in Mount Batolusong hike

Team LCC #LegCrampsChasers (sorry sir D, this is official)
Mapatag Plateau is also a campsite. Few tents were set there when we arrived. Who wouldn't want to wake up to this view?

View from Mapatag Plateau
Reaching Mapatag Plateau will give you a sense of achievement, you definitely been through the difficult part of the hike. From there on, only long walks are need to go to the first summit then a small assault, a rock climbing one, going to Rangyas Peak.

First Summit of Mount Batolusong

Summit of Mount Batolusong is a vast grassland where you can view the Sierra Madre Mountain Range
On the other side, beyond the mountains, you can see Laguna De Bay and Talim Island
Of course, from there, your next destination calls, Rangyas Peak
Of course, from there, your next destination calls, Rangyas Peak
We had only a few minutes of rest here and we went on ahead to climb the last attraction: Rangyas Peak. Compared to the first part of the hike, the short but sudden assault here is easier. It was the muddy trail that will hinder you to go faster. 

Rangyas Peak

Probably my favorite part of the hike. From the first summit, you can view Rangyas Peak, along with the other peaks like Susong dalaga. It was a steep ascend but from atop, you view all the places you have to hike to get there. It was mesmerizing. 

Path going to Ranyas Peak
One obstacle though was the rock climbing a 90 deg slope of rock wall to get to the peak.

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Long queue the rock wall going up Rangyas Peak
Go sir D! He pushed even further and challenged Rangyas Peak

End of our Chronicle

We reached Rangyas Peak with big smiles on our face. The grueling knee-bending muddy trail didn't dampen our hiking spirit.

Mandatory selfie after we all climbed the rock wall of Rangyas Peak

Our smile, that flag post and the clouds says it all: We reached Rangyas Peak!

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Our chronicle didn't stop at the peak, but it was the gradual descend going back to where we came. We have been thru alot, from the strong winds, the unpredictable weather, the muddy slope, the slippery trail, we were champions that day!
Pabalik na po kami. Ayos po si Sir D. Solb!

Back at the First Summit where flock of hikers just arrived. 
There were ups and downs, but through it all, we persevered!

Every step of the way was worth it. A memory imprinted in our minds and forever be a day of plans coming into fruition. 

Bonus side trip: dipping in the freezing waters of Sangab Underground Cave.

Sangab Underground Cave
Sangab Underground Cave
Sangab Underground Cave, Tanay Rizal
Sangab Underground Cave
Post Hike Meeting: Over Tequila, Bulalomi, isaw and Uno


Team LCC Post Hike Meeting

Extra Special Bulalomi with Isaw on the side

Be alert on numbers 4 and 7

All's well that ends well
Like this couple on Rangyas Peak.
Good luck to you guys :) #FeelingClose Hahah
Again for any Itinerary, please head over to Mr. Gideon's website and also Justin Vawter's website. But if you insist, please leave a comment for further clarifications.


  1. Galing Dan! :) Twas a really great way to celebrate Chinese new year! Walang katulad! (like) -A

    1. Thanks sir A! hehe Happy Birthday hahaha and Happy Valentines. super delay ko na nagcatch up sa comments dito sa blog. snail mail lang hahah. sa susunod po ulit! haha

  2. Nakakatakot kasi basa yung daan nung paakyat pa lang kayo. Pero the view on the top was superb. Ang daming grass! Perfect for photo op! Never hiked in my 27 years of existence.


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