Mt. Pinatubo Crater Lake Tripoint Area of Pampanga, Tarlac and Zambales

"A Beautiful Disaster" that is Pinatubo Volcano

One of the most awestruck-ing view in the country is in Mt. Pinatubo Crater. Located near the tripoint of the provinces of Zambales, Pampanga and Tarlac, lies the Pinatubo Crater Lake created by the June 15, 1991 massive eruption and the onslaught of Typhoon Diding (Yunya).

The lake was filled by rain water over the years and seasonally change it colors from shades of turquoise, mint and emerald green.  

Mt Pinatubo Lake
Mt Pinatubo Lake

Crater of Mt. Pinatubo
Mt. Pinatubo Crater

A Beautiful Mess and Disaster That is Mt. Pinatubo
A Beautiful Mess and Disaster That is Mt. Pinatubo
With its history and mesmerizing beauty, this volcano caused a lot of fuss and fascination from tourist not just from our country but all over the world. Just imagining the magnitude of the eruption send chills to my bone. And that from chaos and destruction, a beauty was created from it thus the amply coined nickname for Mt. Pinatubo, A Beautiful Disaster.

Bumpy ride
Journey to Mt. Pinatubo Crater Lake

There oh! Lahar walls

I got to say, this is the first blog post where I have literally no photo edit, I mean no hues, color, brightness, contrast manipulation at all! No expectation vs. reality here, all the photos you have seen are the raw pictures. That says a lot about how Mt. Pinatubo is a world class scenery! 
Welcome Sign
Kita mo na ang Tagumpay
Walang tatalo sa ganda mo Mt. Pinatubo

Moredantravels at Mt. Pinatubo
Di nakakaumay na tanawin

No edit here, raw Go Pro Shot

Photographer at work, do not distrub

How to get to Mt. Pinatubo

There are plenty of options nowadays going to Mt. Pinatubo since all year round, tourist flock this scenic volcano. One might get the hassle free Tour Packages, like we did, via TRIPinas. But upon talking to my backpacker friends and also the locals, it's best to do the DIY Mt. Pinatubo. Note, this is for those who seek budget friendly trip to Mt. Pinatubo. There are also a lot of blogs about going there. What I will write are some tips I have acquired from this trip.

In no particular order, here are the things I have researched, what I have experienced and got from the locals and traveler friends.

>>>Manila to Capas, Tarlac vice versa will cost you 400 pesos (200 pesos 1 way via Victory Liner Cubao going to Olangapo or Baguio, just say you will drop off at Capas, Tarlac Public Market)

>>>According to Bok, our 4x4 driver, the actual rent for 1 vehicle is 2,600. Contact him thru this number: 09305004264. Guide fee is also fixed at 500 per pax of 5. Trike from Capas to Sta. Juliana Tourism Office is about 300 pesos ( 100 per pax ). As jeepney schedule going to and from Sta. Juliana is inconsistent, I suggest to ride a trike. But if you have you own vehicle, by pass this step and head over to Sta. Juliana

>>>Take the 7 kilometer trek. I tell you. Its the best. The 5 KM and 3 KM trike doesn't give you the experience of up close view of the massive towering lahar walls!

The 3KM Mark from the Jump off near Botolan Zambales

>>>Try the Zambales start off point. Our guide told us its a different experience. I might try that side soon. I don't know if there is a Pampanga start off. 

>>>Be early, as early as 6 AM you should be at the tourism office. You can enjoy the trek more since the sun is just rising. And the view is amazing as the sun ray hits the lahar walls. You can also experience "Baguio Feels" temperature while walking along the lahar path.

Sun rise at the back of a 4x4 vehicle

Orientation by TRIPinas

Ride the 4 x 4 with an open back. It might be dusty and exposed to the sun, but hey, the wind is cold, the view is spectacular and this is the highlight of the ride going to the jump off. Pure Bliss AF. 
Bumby ride along the lahar path

Stop over for Photo ops

Team LCC at Mt. Pinatubo

>>>Bring Banana Bed, and spare clothes just in case. Take note though, Swimming is prohibited. We just wanted to take a unique photo while in the instragrammable view of Pinatubo crater lake.
What you are saying? LOL
Lake-ing around Mt. Pinatubo Crater

Perfect Picnic View

Sakit ng ulo ko sa ganda!

Chill Vibes with a View

Floating on Mt. Pinatubo Crater Lake

Expectation: Chill Floating AF

Me on Banana Bed
You know what happened next
Total wipe out LOL
I think, I was the center of distraction that fine day. All of the tourist were enjoying the view, basking in the sun, eating their lunch merrily when I ventured out to try to float in the lake using the banana bed. I heard some screams and clapping when, finally, I took the plunge into the lake. An Epic way to highlight my Mt. Pinatubo trip. Cheers to more of this! #YOLO


  1. Hi Dan! May I know the contact number of the 4x4 driver? Coz I couldn't see the number you provided in your blog. Planning to go there DIY lang para sana makamura. Thank you!

    1. Kuya Bok's mobile number: 09305004264. Thanks for the heads up. I forgot to update the number. hahah


  2. hoy bakit hindi nagugulo buhok mo?!

    1. hahah Bench Fix Professional Hair products lang yan. kilala po ba kita. haha parang super close tayo sa pag Hoy mo. hahaha

  3. Are your last 2 photos candid talaga?? HAHAHA
    I want to go to Pinatubo too! Super nice ng photos mo. Btw, I see you minsan dito sa GMA. Ang ganda pala ng blog mo 🤙

  4. Are your last 2 photos candid talaga?? HAHAHA
    I want to go to Pinatubo too! Super nice ng photos mo. Btw, I see you minsan dito sa GMA. Ang ganda pala ng blog mo ��

    1. hahah yes candid tlga yan. nakabang ang mga kasama ko na mahulog ako. then boom.

      punta ka na. hehe worth it ang gastos at pagod.
      see you around!

  5. Hi how much is the tourism fee? is that how you call it or environmental conservation fee?
    and did u just walked in or had advance reservation? i appreciate your response. thank you!

  6. Hi how much is the environmental conservation fee, the one being paid at the tourism office, and did u came as walk in or you had reservation beforehand? thank you!


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